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Our Mission

Bambax is a sustainable food packaging technology company on a mission to create necessary change. Through innovating novel biotechnology combined with industry manufacturing capabilities, Bambax creates home compostable and biodegradable wood fiber packaging with extended shelf life capabilities for FMCG markets.

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Food packaging has the largest demand for plastic production. The mean lifetime of plastics in the packaging sector before disposal is 6 months or less. In contrast to this, building and construction plastics have a mean lifetime of 35 years. This is unsustainable in light of what we know about the damaging effects of micro-plastic pollution in the environment. In recent years, some great innovation has come through around sustainable alternatives, however, extended shelf life still remains an issue. 

Circular Solutions

The Circular Bio-Economy has a huge role to play in creating a cleaner and greener future. Whilst mechanical recycling is necessary, not all plastics are recyclable. Recycling is energy intensive and doesn't solve the issue of plastic contamination in our oceans or mankind's reliance on fossil fuels. Many plastics cannot be recycled because of low value end product compared to virgin plastics. 

Bambax develops bio-technology that enables circularity, carbon sequestration and replaces petro-chemical plastics.

Paper pulp apparatus developed in collaboration with senior lecturer Barro De Gast, UC School of Product Design

Fiber Future

Wood Fiber is an abundant and sustainable material that enables carbon sequestration and is a great source of green waste for composting being a carbon source for soil for regeneration. 

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The potential for woodfiber in extended shelf life territory that is home compostable is untapped and has great potential for solving the problem of plastic waste in our environment. 

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